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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jul 23, 2021

This episode is an exploration of the nature of healing and what is changing and evolving for us as humans in this now moment as we consider opening to more of our own self healing capabilities.

Exploring the beliefs we may have stemming from the common thought program that says if things don’t run smoothly, you have done something wrong. Noticing what beliefs we are still carrying that are feeding an outdated system through the metaphor of a parasite. We don’t take on the identity of the parasite, assuming it is us, and likewise, we don’t need to hold onto all that is collectively cleansing. We just need to allow it to happen and take excellent care of ourselves as it falls away.

We have all experienced learning exploring the limits of the human expression—now is the moment to be the embodied limitlessness of our true selves. In this episode, Christine invites you to notice how can you begin to tune into your self healing. What practices are not really serving you any longer? How can you move through what is coming up with more grace? Where (to paraphrase Andrew Bartzis) can you allow healing to be a process and not an event? How can you free yourself from the lie that you have done something wrong if things don’t go smoothly?

To begin we can move away from what was never us those things that influenced and confused us—and back into our nature, back into the truth of ourselves. Utilizing your superpower of choice as you decide how you best move through this now moment as a beautiful human being.

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