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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jul 15, 2021

Inspired by the phrase full of yourself, this episode explores the question, “If you’re not full of yourself, who else and what else are you full of?” This episode is an invitation to explore how much self you are full of, and what are you ready to release that is not you?

We are journeying through some terrain that may be unfamiliar, and as we are finding our new footing in this moment, many of us are watering the new ground with our tears.

The tears can be the emptying out of what is not us and stepping back into filling ourselves up with the truth of who we are and have always been beneath the clutter.

It’s an invitation to expand into more of yourself through the lens of adventure and wonder. An invitation to allow any tears shed to water the ground of you.

Fill yourself with more of you—because who else would you rather be full of?

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