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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Embodying our true selves. At this moment we are releasing, or turning on their heads, the old stories and narratives that have kept us sleeping. In this episode, podcast host Christine Pensa invites listeners to flip the story of Sleeping Beauty on its head, to re-imagine that the “prince” is actually your soul tenderly waking you up to embody more of your true frequency in this now moment.

Why not welcome in the kiss that brings you more powerfully into knowing your true self. You can use two powerful free tools right in your body—your breath and your ability to drop into the silence of your own heart. The wisdom of your own body is something at your own fingertips so why not develop a deeper romantic relationship with her—and with the vastness of your own soul.

The truth is simple—we are here for Love. If there is a part of yourself that has been longing to express more of that—kiss it awake!

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