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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jun 10, 2021

In this episode host Christine Pensa focused on wholeness from the perspective of the new human—how the story of an organic olive opened her heart up to a deeper understanding of wholeness—and, how that simple organic olive can help us to understand our own deep capacity for self healing.

The journey of this moment is all about us becoming more whole, shifting our current experience to reflect wholeness, rather than fragmentation. Reflecting on the beauty of Alberto Villoldo’s term “Homo Luminous” and this moment we are in where we are indeed in the cocoon of becoming the "new species of human giving birth to itself from a new luminous matrix."

In this pivotal time on Earth we are called to embody our wholeness—be in mastery of the self—connecting to both our quantum/Source self, and our human body connection to the vibrant organic life on this Earth.

In reclaiming our wholeness, it is a powerful act of self healing to clarify our channel, to connect to the wisdom of our own Gut Brain, through the knowing of a vibrant gut microbiome. We then naturally call in the medicine we need and to move through the challenges before us—understanding each stressor may be a gift helping us to become stronger as we move into “dreaming our new dream into being” for all beings on Earth.

Here are some of the incredible beings I mentioned during the podcast…
Alberto Villodo’s beautiful heart work can be found here;
The Happy Pear Podcast episode with Dr. Zach Bush;
Nick Pollizi and the Sacred Science;
Maggie Savage’s Clarity program;