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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 7, 2021

Each episode of the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast is an exploration of sacred self care in these changing times. Sacred self care is all about creating a life you do not need to be distracted from. A life that elevates existence to thriving in harmony with your true divine human embodiment.

This week host Christine Pensa explores the patterns and programs of the hierarchical structures in our world. She shares the higher frequency perspective she is exploring, which is, that there is no hierarchy to truly Be-ing Human. It’s an exploration into the ways we have given parts of ourselves away to conform to hierarchical structures, and how hierarchy is an opponent to peace. It’s an invitation to deepen into our own knowing, and release the ways we have been trying to make sense of systems that do no serve us in the new consciousness. It’s an invitation to choose inner-standing and coming home to our true selves—creator beings here to embody loving compassion.

The poem Christine shared at the end of the episode is called, New Song.

New song
Beloveds, now is the moment
The songs of sorrow and division are done
Warrior marches shouting down “the other” no longer need to weave through our streets
We do not choose that deceit
Because we have chosen a new song
Now is the moment
We step forward
As a new song rises from each beloveds pure heart
Though each expression carries a different melody—each wraps around “the others” without dissonance
The new tapestry of song—alive with creativity and joy
Now is the moment
For each note rising from each throat to be sung from a pure heart knowing
We have chosen to stand in harmony with this beautiful planet 
with every free organic being embodied here now
Let that music play
(poem by Christine Pensa)