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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 24, 2021

In this episode host Christine Pensa invites you to remember the original divine spark of your creator frequency. In particular, your childlike innocent creator being-ness. She shares some ideas to help you amplify your innate and infinite expression as “Creator” from a place of pure presence, especially through the connection of your own personal flow(er) of life.

The episode uses creative visualization and a consideration of the 8 elements of design—(Contrast, Unity, Balance, Proportion, Harmony, Repetition, Rhythm, Emphasis)—to help you tap back into your joyful frequency. Remembering a time when you did not censor yourself, perhaps your own childhood when you automatically knew how to be present in the now.

Put music on and every child knows how to dance, or sing. Put a box of crayons or chalk in front of a child and they know exactly what to do with them. What if you allowed yourself to journey through and release all those places of limitation—giving yourself permission to play—to be unlimited—to dissolve the illusory walls that made you think you were disconnected from your pure heart.

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