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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 11, 2021

Episode 122, Whitney Freya, Unstoppable, embracing our capacity to expand our horizons

Host Christine Pensa welcomed guest author and creative Whitney Freya to talk about our expanding human capacity to be unstoppable. The episode was taped on the day the paperback version of Whitney's new book, 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible, launched. 

The book sprang from a channeled teaching. That teaching, Whitney shared; "Is a call for humanity to pick up a new way of being and caring for ourselves—because everything begins as energy first, then manifests as matter. Therefore, we can learn to care for ourselves, to create, to energetically imagine into what it is we want to experience in our lives, and matter has to follow that energy." Her book is a meditative tool to help you activate and embrace that capacity in your own life stream.

The conversation turned to how to cultivate self trust in spite of our very human feelings of uncertainty that often rise up. As Whitney shared, when we honour the knowing that we intentionally chose to be physicalized on this planet in this moment, when we honour that we are infinite beings, we can open to receive as the union of physical and spiritual. We can become the portal through which life is created. From this power point springs innumerable creative solutions.

Whitney explained how she got to the place where she could integrate both aspects of the self. "As I understood that I could live in a world based in energy, or a world based in matter that was the threshold for me and I realized everything is energy." She says, that realization helped her to understand who she was—opening an exciting new paradigm for her to rebuild herself and her life experience.  After that self knowing dropped in, all her decisions became based on what was in alignment with what she wanted to expand. "I began to understand that if I kept my vibration high and came from that place—then everything was going to work out."

Whitney on sacred self care: Taking care of yourself and being centered in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do to co-create heaven on Earth. When you take care of your wellness it expands out from your being and it will always expand outward all around you.