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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 5, 2021

Episode 121, Of Caterpillars and Butterflies, In the chrysalis as we transform from producing to creating

This episode was inspired by the divine flow of this moment. As the guest originally scheduled cancelled, Christine moved with the flow and timing of honouring the guest’s sacred self care, and let go of even producing an episode this week, when a social media post from a beautiful being, Samantha Warren (her info and links in the show notes) caught her attention.

Samantha shared her own revelations about timing and honouring the flow that is our own deep knowing. The kind of knowing that comes from the heart space and is not in sync with the pace of the old world. Christine emphasized, we are not production beings, we are creator beings. As we shift into that new way we need as Samantha said, more time in the chrysalis to be, “…here in this present moment while my transformation completes itself.”

For Christine, the image of the caterpillar, cocoon, chrysalis and butterfly brought back the memory of a beautiful message she received in 2018 from Mother Ocean.

That message was;
Christine, first of all, the butterfly isn't better than the caterpillar. It's simply about timing and resonance. The caterpillar has a certain timing. She does all the things a caterpillar needs to do, with love, joy and reverence for all that is around her. Then there is a moment, when she begins to feel—first, in her body, then in her heart that it is uncomfortable to stay as she has been.

It is even more uncomfortable when she literally splits herself inside out to become the cocoon. Once she is within the darkness of the cocoon she begins to receive the codes* she needs—through the sacred vessel of her own body. Waiting in the darkness, she doesn't know yet what she is becoming, but she knows it will be a new way of being. This is what is happening all around you now. You on Earth are in a metaphorical cocoon. Your bodies know it, and your soul knows it. You are opening, if you choose, to become something brand new. Someone that needs to express at a completely different frequency than you have before. Someone who needs to spread your wings in a new way in this world—with more of who you already are—being brought into expression.

(*I found out later that these codes are actually called, "imaginal cells." These cells "resonate at a different frequency" than any of the original cells in the caterpillars body.)

The invitation of this episode is to allow yourself to tune into how you are moving through these transitions in this now moment. Asking yourself, how can I deepen into amplifying my own sacred self care.