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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Dec 28, 2020

Touching in, this last episode before the end of the calendar year, focuses on a simple practice to assist you to move into more of who you are here to be.

The invitation from our true selves is to really ground ourselves onto the new consciousness and to release at the root what is not needed in our new garden. Using the metaphor of the taproot—a large dominant root from which many other roots grow. As shamanic practitioner Sandra Ingerman (Episode 64) says—we are Gardeners of Energy. We are the gardeners of our own beautiful body temples. Let's step into the new year/new consciousness ready to plant/create what we truly want.

The episode concludes with Christine sharing a meditation visualization to help you connect to what taproot you are ready to pull out for good, so you can tune back into your pure primary root system.