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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Dec 4, 2020

The third episode of the evolution of story series focuses on the importance of recognizing stories we have been running and calling out the ones that are simply not serving anymore—as archaic relics ready to go.

As we move into this powerful final month of the powerful year of 2020, the invitation is to align with more of our true creator expression. December is a month filled with energetic gateways that can change and upgrade us at a cellular level. One of the most efficient ways to choose to receive is to allow yourself to just BE. Meditation, time in nature, and stillness are loving allies to help you deepen into more of your own wisdom.

Host Christine Pensa shares an exercise to help you tune into your superpower of choosing. I choose is a superpower statement that can open you up to come into greater alignment and clarity with your own deep wisdom as you build your bridge to the new world.

Creating space for love, softness, and internal peace this month is a powerful act of sacred self care—as is continuing to choose to align with and call forth your highest realities in each now moment.

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