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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 21, 2020

In part two continued from the theme of Episode 113, I share what continues to unfold around the idea of story, what we have been storing and what is ready to dissolve.

In this moment the external world is powerfully pulling us into survival mode. In this mode our creativity and imagination are shut down. We begin to believe and react from a perspective of limited options—two choices, or even one. Our creativity and imagination are powerful self healing tools—opening up to our truth as Creator Beings. As sovereign creator beings we open up to solutions from the field of Infinite Possibility.

It's more important than ever to SUPPORT YOURSELF with Sacred Self Care and True Self Love. These things are simple, powerful and free—silence, time in nature, breathwork, saying no, aka staying away from what depletes you.
In the Northern Hemisphere in particular we are beautifully supported by the season to deeply tune into the velvety darkness inside ourselves from which we can nurture the new story ready to be birthed for ourselves and for this beautiful world we have chosen to incarnate on now!

Remember the new consciousness is calling us to rewrite our outdated stories and remember we are the powerful creators who are stepping in to tell the victory stories of these times.

With gratitude,
Christine Pensa