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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 26, 2020

Podcast co-hosts Christine Pensa and Emma Kupu Mitchell connect in this episode as their *final collaboration as co-hosts. As Emma put so beautifully, this is not an ending, but a returning back to self and honouring the authenticity of life (and it’s natural cycles).

In this episode we shared, through technical glitches and tears, how this parting is mirrored by nature. How there is grief and also great expansion in leaving something behind and opening up into the new. Emma brought in the metaphor of the pruning she is doing in her own life in order to allow the space for her new pathway to appear. Christine shared the metaphor of the original Wayshowers who tuned deeply into their divine knowing to travel thousands of miles across "uncharted" waters. Both roads leading to how we can take care of our sacred selves as we navigate this new world unfolding before our eyes.

*Christine will continue to explore the juicy topic of sacred self care and coming back into alignment with our own deep knowing of how to way show for ourselves. It is her intention to mirror back what listeners are looking for in each now moment.