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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 27, 2020

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes Xchelle the divine presence behind Starseed Dreaming.

Ixchelle, is a lifelong multi-dimensional clairvoyant, seer, and energy worker who has received a multitude of messages for the collective at this critical time in our history. Ixchelle has incarnated to assist people in their ascension and to transmute darkness to light, as well as heal those wounds which anchor us to a world that we are ready to transcend. She considers herself a humble energy worker on many levels.

Ixchelle's work includes multi-dimensional energy healing, creating sacred crystal totems, and one-on-one journeying. This and more can be found at her website and she regularly posts high vibrational word medicine on her Instagram account @starseeddreaming.
Ixchelle will be launching a new free mini-course Cosmic Awakening in May and you can be the first to access this at her website

Ixchelle's purpose is to help you awaken to your divinity, to help you remember who you truly are, your purpose and power."

In this mini-episode Xchelle shared some beautiful awareness and invitations around remembering, reclaiming and returning to our divine sovereignty. Among many light encoded gems in this episode, she shared this—"Our origin story is a story of divine sovereignty, and, There are no gatekeepers to grant you access to your own sovereignty your own divinity." Xchelle's invitation in this episode is to weave a new reality into being with our eyes wide open to all that is by expanding our perspective, while seeing through a more compassionate lens.