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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 3, 2020

Episode 104 Creating our new human immune system of LOVE and Compassion

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes divine guest Acurda Melchizedek.
(co-host Emma Kupu Mitchell back soon)

Acurda Melchizedek is a specialist working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. Her passion and her gift is teaching others to heal their DNA by clearing those places where they have given away their power. Acurda teaches others to witness and clear their own DNA in order to step into their New Human wholeness and the truth of who they really are—living light.

The powerful message that Acurda shared was—in part—that this time is an opportunity for us to choose resurrection for humanity. She says we are lined up perfectly for this—the season, the planet, the virus all supporting us to re-create an immune system built on a new foundation of LOVE and compassion. The opportunity for us to step into the reverence of self as the New Human creating the New Earth.